The Best Ways To Pass A Drug Test For Cannabis With Flying Colors

In some cases, entering a different country can be a lot like going through a portal to another world, and this is because every government has their unique set of rules, and its people a different state of mind. What some countries have in common, however, is their interest in the legalization of marijuana.


Ecuador neighbours Uruguay, one of the only countries in the world to have rendered marijuana legal in every shape and form. Due to their close proximity and similar views, Ecuador is now leaning towards the complete legalization of marijuana. Currently, holding a very small amount of weed is acceptable in Ecuador, but their tolerance is expected to skyrocket in the upcoming years.


Mexico has long since had a problem with the illegal drug trade, which is why its government sees it as logical to legalize marijuana. Without any laws forbidding people to sell the herb, the people who exclusively deal drugs could be put out of business, therefore significantly lowering the amount of drug trafficking in the country. While the Americans have strictly opposed to the legalization of marijuana, amongst other drugs, in Mexico, click here the Mexican government is still interested in the possibility.


Anyone who lives in Canada knows that if they get caught smoking marijuana they’ll receive a tap on the wrist. Still, possessing large amounts of weed can turn into a felony due to dealing not being taken lightly. It has been confirmed in the last year that Canadians should expect marijuana to become legal in June of 2019, which will surely be interesting to see unfold.


Spain borders Portugal, a country that has long since decriminalized weed, but despite them being two different countries, many of their residents cultivate the same views. These views mostly circulate around marijuana not being a danger to the community and wanting to have it legalized once and for all. Despite weed still being illegal in Spain, there are countless underground places where citizens can purchase and smoke marijuana. However, these can operate on sketchy grounds. Spain is now in the process of discussing the decriminalization of marijuana, but it might take a while.


It may be surprising to hear that India is interested in the legalization of marijuana, especially since it isn’t from the Western world. Despite this, many important news stations and magazines have continuously spoken about the legalization of marijuana and how they support it. In fact, marijuana is already used in countless religious events administered by the Hindu population. It isn’t hard for Indians to acquire weed neither, as they don’t need to use Google and ask it to find “recreational dispensaries near me.” Instead, Indians can simply cultivate wild marijuana, which grows in abundance in many parts of the country.

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